How to Build a Strong Presence with a Mobile Ad Network

Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone or an iPhone. Think about it! Do your kids have a phone? Your spouse, mother, father, your best friend? Most people either have an Android or an iPhone, and according to a study by PEW research center, six out of every ten Americans go online from their mobile phone device. This indicates that the mobile Internet industry is growing very quickly and may soon overtake the home computer as the way most people go online.

As a web marketer, this means mobile advertising is an essential building block to any marketing campaign you start. This is the way customers will visit your website and by offering mobile advertising you can influence the buying decision of many more people. The following are just a few ways you can build a strong presence with a mobile ad network.

The Fastest Growing Audience

As mentioned before, the cell phone industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and nearly half of all adults use their mobile phone to go online, either by using their phone data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. Placing your business on the mobile ad network just makes sense, as it is an inexpensive way to advertise and you reach out to a huge audience.


Consumer Targeting

Recent marketing studies suggest that 90% of all consumers, check a product, review a brand or look for local information before they make a purchase. To top this off, this research can be done quickly over a data plan of a cellular phone. A consumer could be anywhere, in the store, at the park, in the gym or waiting in line at the bank and with a few pushes of their cell phone buttons they can be surfing online. If a consumer happens to be looking at another product when a pop up ad of your product draws their attention, then all the better for you. This could cause a customer to change their mind about buying a competing product.


Mobile advertising lets you decide how you want your ad displayed. You get to make choices as to the type of ads you want it displayed with. Mobile advertising offers concise and relevant content that is easily managed, and which offers more advertising options than any other advertising medium.


Everyone in the world has a cell phone, but especially people who have money to spend. Mobile advertising can give your web marketing efforts maximum exposure. All of your mobile ads will be accessible by people from all over the globe.


Mobile advertising is eco-friendly. With this type of advertising you get more “bang for your buck” so to speak and you don’t have to spend money on printing, supplies, copies or any type of advertising that wastes the earth’s resources. Besides it also saves you money and is more effective.

Bottom Line

Mobile advertising gives your web marketing efforts more exposure, letting you reach thousands of people who surf the web, but don’t necessarily do so from their computer. Whatever you can say about this advertising method, you can’t say it doesn’t get viewed, and of course the more views you get, the faster you build your web presence.

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