Improving Your Website Content Will Boost Your Business. Here’s How to Do It!

Most communication experts will tell you that humans are influenced to make decisions by what they read and hear. This is true in all aspects of life, including on your website. Even if your potential customers don’t buy your product directly on the site, they have most likely interacted with your website – in many cases as the first interaction with your business.

website content to boost business

Set the scene for your customers

So, you need to make your site set the scene for how customers see your business. This leaves them with a positive mindset in the journey they are about to embark on with your company. This means having the right content is one of the most crucial tasks you’ll have in regards to your site.

You lose 90% of your customers

The rule of thumb is that 90% of all traffic to a site is never converted to any business for the website owner; this is a critical issue when it comes to site content. Why spend time and money gaining site traffic when the real issue is with incompetent content?

The old way of analytics is a black box

The problem fixing content on a website has traditionally been a black box. No tools exist to tell you how your content has been working for you or what you should do to improve it.

A specialist area

Also, the field in itself is an expert field. Most website owners know the terms UX, User Journeys, funnels, etc. But to most, content a specialist area that requires the help of a communication expert to dig into. So, it’s very understandable most website owners haven’t been able to work with content improvements in a systematic and data-driven way.

AI can help you

However, a new type of technology can now help business owners overcome this problem. As with many other modern inventions, it is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). But luckily in this case, the results can be presented in a non-tech way that helps you understand what content issues you have and what actions you can take to improve it.

Patterns will identify trends in user actions

The technology is built around the fact that there are patterns in how users interact with your content. If enough people react the same way, then there is a tangible trend. Knowing the most influential trends in how your content interacts with your users can help you understand why they react to it and give you clues as to how you can change and augment the content of your website.

Know where to focus

This means you will know where to focus. If the strongest patterns tell you your writing style is a relevant factor, then this is where you have to put your focus. The length of your articles, scrolling features or other factors could be the most important for your user’s interaction with the site’s content these are all relevant focus factors.

You do not need to look at data

The technology looks at many different patterns in how users interact with your content, but it only presents the ones to you that matter most. It means you don’t have to interpret data like in conventional web analytics tools. This technology will isolate patterns in your user’s behavior that can explain how they interact with your website. So, it is much more straightforward to use than any conventional analytics tools.

Know what is wrong and how to fix it

The technology even identifies the pages on your site that are most important for you to look at. So you know where to focus, what is wrong, and get recommendations as to what directions you could take to improve your content.

Get your findings in a non-tech way

The best part of this new technology is how non-tech it is. Numbers, graphs and statistics don’t drive content improvement findings. The finding is presented in plain text, so you don’t need to be an expert to know how to read and implement them. It also means that it’s something you can do without the help of an agency. You don’t need to try to understand the terms they’re using and what a graph means because the technology gives you the framework you need to make the content improvements yourself.

Get web analytics as a PDF report

In fact, the finding can be presented to you as a web analytics PDF report. It will tell you what’s wrong with your site in a management-reporting style, and give you suggestions on what to do to fix it. One company that produces such a report is Canecto. The Danish company is based at the Technical University of Denmark.

Not all is automated

However, not all of the work is automated for you. You will still need to implement the content improvements yourself, but you would do so knowing what to focus on, where the content has issues and what you should aim for to get it right.

Improve your site with confidence

This means you know can improve your content with confidence, without the involvement of expensive third-party experts. And, by doing so, you’re ensuring you are doing the best you can to make the site support and augment your business.