ICP license – A Gold Mine Permit to China

Today, business is booming in China. It is very tempting to invest in China through online marketing. Although you can consider the explosion of Chinese SEO as hype, but it’s certainly not a fiction. ICP is the first difficulty you would be facing at the very beginning.


According to the facts, the Chinese government recently approved a budget for installation of 81 giga watts of new electricity generating capacity in one year. According to a statistical report of the first half of 2009, the number of Internet users in China continues to increase to 338 million, including 155 million mobile phone users and nearly 320 million broadband users. So, the potential internet marketers should improve their website SEO to tap the Chinese market.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, one must have an ICP license to host websites in China. Failing that, the page will not be allowed access to the Chinese market. In order to get an ICP license, one needs to have a single Chinese company name or personal applications with real paper.


Many companies are also trying to avoid regulations by signing a partnership agreement with China authentically, but this only leads to complications. Therefore, it is very important that you get the name of the business with China ICP license to avoid any complications in making most of the Chinese market.

Moreover, foreign sites will have difficulty in getting a foothold not because of government regulations digital explicit restrictions in China, but because of the psychology behind the Great Firewall of China, which mainly serves local competitors. The inside story is that, because of the connection with local bureaucrats, local sites in China were able to make the most of the advantage because they have access to most of the Chinese market.

Last but not least, it is encouraging to see a growing number of domain registrations in 2008 to 2009. The rate of use of the domain name is also high. Further, according to statistics, the proportion of the number of sites with the domain name also reached a record high. This has resulted in the transition from high SEO China’s next gold mine in China.

The ICP License Dotcom Bubble in China

The World Wide Web has changed considerably and today, there are several options available for web hosting. Although initially, the Internet has the potential to transfer data regardless of platform or location, at this time, especially in China, the Internet is regarded as an esoteric and restricted concern, but the last decade has seen a boom in the use of Chinese Internet, bringing the web to the daily lives of Internet users in china.

In this scenario, the Internet bubble in China has grown to innovation and investment in the field of web hosting. While many sites are struggling to find a foothold in China’s Internet platform, many disappeared behind the Great Chinese Firewall without a trace; while Google notes Tagged ‘.cn’ but Baidu still monopolizes limelight as the most preferred search engine by Chinese Internet users. Today, the use of Internet in China has become completely normal, such as fast broadband connections are produced in different parts of China. The new stage of China’s Internet technology has simplified the process of sharing data and media online.

In fact, recent years have seen tremendous changes as Internet technology is driven by the revolution in ease of use and bandwidth. Key elements for web hosting in China are required to apply for ICP license. Without an ICP license, sites are useless since a web server can’t be configured. Therefore, the acquisition of ICP license is essential, for the absence would make it illegal to host a Web server. Behind the scenes, it’s important to get a domain name that is SEO friendly and is easily picked up by search engines.

It is always useful to have terms of web hosting in the domain name because it will ensure that the website is highlighted on the search results page. It is advisable to choose a domain name that is not confusing, and which represents the company name.

Most entrepreneurs, who are venturing into e-commerce business for the first time, prefer to host their websites with reseller accounts, which are readily available and cost effective. When websites for Chinese Internet users is hosted, it is important to ensure that you get applications for customer management and billing. Supplier and reseller payment gateways are also important part of web hosting in China.

In the conclusion, China prefers to process smooth and effective e-commerce based on the most orderly and regulatory ICP audit, as evidenced by MIIT’s Great Firewall of China.