How to Increase Your Mailing List Subscribers using Your Blog

If you have a blog with traffic you can easily use it to build a mailing list. The first thing that you need is to have a good incentive for your readers to sign up. People are sick of spam and are sick of getting meaningless e-mails that just waste their time. So you have to have a great incentive for them to give you their e-mail address.

Offer incentive for subscription


So what should the incentive be? It doesn’t matter, as long as it is good. It should be something that is available instantly. There are two reasons for this. People aren’t very patient and they want things fast, this will give them more incentive to sign up. The second is because you can start building that all important relationship with them right away and they will be looking for that e-mail to verify and get the information.

The most common incentive is usually a short report or ebook on a topic relative to your blog content. For instance if your blog is on weight loss, you might give away a short report called “Lose 10lbs In Just 2 Weeks” or something that might be of interest to your readers. It can be as short as 7-15 pages as long as the content is useful. An ecover for your report will increase the perceived value – you can outsource one for as little as $10. If you don’t want to create a written report you could use a PLR (private label rights) report which you can buy for a few dollars online, or you could create a short video instead teaching some tips or secrets that your readers might find interesting.

Squeeze page, opt-in form and pop-ups

You might decide to include a squeeze page, but most people just use an opt-in form on their blog. You can have this in the sidebar, below the header, or below your posts. In fact the more your opt-in form appears on your blog, the more opt-ins you will get. Some people choose to use a pop up opt-in box. One particular plugin that does this is called Pop Up Domination. When a visitor comes to your blog the pop up will immediately appear offering them your incentive – they can either close it, or sign up and then the opt-in will disappear allowing them to read your blog as normal.

After you have their email addresses

What do you do once you have built a list of subscribers? You can email them a few times a week with interesting information, tips, and product recommendations. If you have your own products you can promote those to your list. The best thing about having a mailing list is that you can set it up to send emails on autopilot – just create follow up emails and have them queued up in your autoresponder, ready to send automatically at designated times. That way you can make money with your list even when you are not at your computer.

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