Take on Your Established Competitors with Challenger Brand Marketing

Internet marketing is very competitive and finding the right marketing strategies not only takes time but it takes money as well. Most of the new startups operate on a shoestring budget and attempt to develop solid strategies with limited finances. They have a wide variety of options available to them such as email marketing and a professional and informative website that is search engine optimized. These are great strategies and will give every business the traffic it needs to sell the product or service. However, these and many other options need to be constantly fine-tuned to bring in more of the selected target audience.

Challenger Brand Marketing

So what other advertising options are available to smaller businesses with limited advertising resources? The best option is hiring a full service advertising agency that offers the Challenger Brands service. This is a fairly new strategy that has proven to be very successful in helping internet marketers and companies get the recognition they need to put them ahead of their competition, which has already established a strong position in the market.


The basic idea here is to attack the leading brand (instead of defending yours) and making your presence felt by taking mileage of various factors like consumers’ sympathy, other small competitors’ support, etc. Carried out properly, it can help you do more with fewer resources. There are many advertising agencies out there that have this service available, and one of the most successful of them is Gumas. They specialize in creating Challenger Brand advertising and other effective marketing strategies for smaller companies on a limited budget.

Branding and Digital Marketing

Among some of the other services that Gumas offers are branding and digital marketing for a very wide range of products and services. They can help you achieve your goals by providing services such as media advertising and interactive advertising that is tailor made for your product or service. When you have limited resources and need to get ahead of your competition, you need all the marketing strategies you can find that will put you there without straining your budget. Never just rely on the old “tried and true” methods of advertising. Always look for innovative ways of advertising that will catch the attention of your target audience and turn them into customers.

When you combine Challenger Brands with other strategies like strategic, creative, interactive or media advertising, you create the type of marketing plan that will put you miles ahead of your competition and well on your way to achieving your goals.

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