5 Basic Tips for an Effective Internet Marketing Campaign

Internet marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace. More and more people are jumping into the ring and this is making things tougher than ever before. As per SEMPO, the search engine marketing industry in North America alone was estimated at around $23 billion, towards the end of 2012.

Due to fierce competition, ad hoc campaigns without proper strategy are good to take you nowhere. It turns out that more than 75 percent of internet marketers with strategic campaigns use content as part of their strategy. And 92 percent of marketers feel that content is effective either to a great or at least to some extent.

Content, no doubt, is extremely vital. It is in fact, difficult to imagine a successful campaign without good content. But apart from solid content, what else does it take to make an effective marketing campaign? Here are some pointers worth noting:

1. Do your research


Before you begin your campaign, do as much research as possible. Study your competitors, find out how they are doing, and then try to replicate what is working for them. That being said, sometimes, thinking out of the box and doing different than your competitors gives you easy entry into your competitors’ stronghold.

Read up on tips and tricks of Internet gurus that have been in the game for years. The more research you do the more solid your marketing plan will be. Your marketing plan is the foundation to your Internet Marketing. If you don’t do your homework and research various marketing strategies then your foundation will be weak and your business is bound to fail.

2. Test the waters

Never assume things and jump to conclusions. Remember, things do not always work the way we want them to. So, instead of using your best idea right off the bat, first try to get a feel of the market. Don’t go full force right in the beginning. Start slow, monitor the results and slowly scale up.

3. Let your plan evolve

Building a solid blueprint is no guarantee to the success of your strategy. Things do change when they come down to execution. So, depending upon your experience on the ‘ground’ you need to finetune your campaign. Sometimes, things change due to time-based variables and you need to update your campaign with these changes as well.

4. Avoid autoplay audio/video

One thing every Internet Marketer should know is that forcing anything on your prospects will never work in your favor. And it holds good for audio/video media as well. Putting up a video to give your visitors a better ‘view’ of your product or service may be a good idea but same can’t be said about forcing them into watching it. So, avoid including media that plays automatically. It can be a huge turn off and can make your visitors run away from your site.

5. Offer something free

Everybody loves free lunch and marketers have been leveraging on this for long. You too can offer some free stuff to attract new visitors and keep them coming back. This is often achieved by offering something like free ebook as a goodwill gesture for signing up for your newsletter or email. You can later use this to touch base with your subscribers with various deals and discounts.

  1. October 22, 2013
  2. May 30, 2014